Suspected bank robber picks wrong getaway car

TOLEDO, Ohio (Court TV) -- Unable to locate his getaway car and driver, a suspected bank robber jumped into the next car he saw. Unfortunately for the suspect, the car happened to be an unmarked police car.

Officer Anthony Duncan and city employee Ray O'Rourke were sitting in the front seats of their car on May 21, when a gun-toting man stormed into the back seat and demanded that the officer drive away. Moments earlier, the man had been chased by high school students and had fallen outside his getaway car, prompting the driver to speed off, police said.

After briefly exchanging quizzical looks with each other, Duncan, who was not in uniform, climbed into the back seat and wrestled the loaded gun away. The suspect was subdued and held down until uniformed officers arrived.

Eric Davis, 31, of Detroit, was charged with aggravated robbery and kidnapping. No further court dates have been set at this time, according to a Lucas County court clerk.